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Claim your Review Cab QR-code and let our cloudbased algorithms distribute your customer reviews optimally between your review site listings.

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with a great online reputation, which means:

Recent reviews

Customers prefer new reviews to old ones, simply because service change over time.

Review Cab helps you to automatically collect customer reviews.

Just put your QR Code in places where your customers look and insert your link in emails etc.

Loads of reviews

People don’t trust businesses with few or no reviews. So make sure you have plenty reviews on all review sites that potential new customers could check.

Review Cab has a built in algorithm that ensure you get reviews on all relevant review sites. This way you won’t have any listings with suspeciously few reviews.

High average rating

Bad reviews are bad for business but they’re also impossible to get around.

With Review Cab you have the option to only redirect satisfied customers to the review sites. In that case angry customers send feedback directly to you by email.

Never focus on a single review site!

Many people check several review sites before feeling comfortable with choosing

GoogleLargest review site (87% of all are reading Google reviews ref).
Reviews on Google also improve your visibility in Google Search.
50% suspect fake reviews on Google ref.
Google reviews are mostly used in combination with google maps.
FacebookSecond largest site with 48% of people use it ref.
Social proof (a review from a friend is more trustworthy than one from a stranger).
Marketing effect (a review on Facebook is shared with the customers network).
42% suspect fake reviews on Facebook ref.
Facebook popularity is decreasing with young people.
TripAdvisorMost trusted review sites for tourists, only 13% suspecting fake reviews ref.
+180 million users during peak months ref
Only relevant for businesses serving tourists.
YelpMost trusted review site within food and drinks ref.
+150 million users during peak months ref
Manily used by Northamericans

So why limit your business to one Review Site? With Review Cab it is as easy to be on all!

When customers scan your Review Cab QR Code or click your Review Cab Link, they are automatically distributed between all your review site listings

Did you know..

77% of people are willing to leave a review (ref) but most won’t unless you remind them

You probably know that most people rely on online reviews – but you might not be aware that a vast majority also like to write them.

Most business owners are not able to constantly remind their customers to review, thats just one of the things a Review Cab account can help you with! See below which plan fits your business best:

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